Christian Sypavongsay

Christian SypavongsayHospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

I enjoyed the overall size of the university and the outreach the programs provided. Understanding there are much larger and popular Hospitality programs across the nation, the hospitality program at UNL was a very beneficial and unique. For a newer and smaller program, the amount of outreach and connection the program had worldwide was astounding. The university and program promoted an experiential learning atmosphere, which I found to be very beneficial in the service industry. The campus offers plenty to do and do see during down time and had support in times of need. I felt very at home -- as a first-generation college student in the family being enrolled in the university system, everything was tailored to each and every individual student; no matter their history or background. Finally, one can never forget...HUSKER FOOTBALL!!!
Hotel Operations -- I was able to secure a job with the world's largest resort and casino in the hotel operations department. I am currently employed by the same company with more responsibilities within the organization and plan on continuing my employment with the organization.
I applied at UNL with my mind set on Hotel Management/Hospitality Management -- that was it. UNL did the rest for me. Unsure on how vast the hospitality industry is, the HRTM program at UNL exposed all students to many career pathways. One HUGE value to me was the Study Tour offered through the HRTM program. Without this, I believe my interest would have been very generic while entering the workforce, but with the Study Tours exposing students to the actual world and allowing students the ability to personally connect with professionals in the industry, I was able to pinpoint the specific sector of interest. With the right guidance and education, I was able to successfully secure a career immediately after graduation. As experiential learning was promoted, my time at UNL has taught me the importance of passing on knowledge and continuing to connect with those from the past and also those who will be in the same situation in the future.
Please take advantage of all the offerings UNL has to offer. There is something for everyone. Additionally, take advantage of the networking opportunities presented; whether faculty, visitors, programs, or alumni, all is beneficial to personal development.
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