Clinic Billing FAQ 

Does the Counseling and School Psychology Clinic accept insurance? We do not accept insurance at this time. We are able to accept the following forms of payment: credit card (in-person and online), cash, and check.
How are service fees determined? All clients will complete a fee agreement prior to their first appointment. We have a suggested sliding scale fee, based on income and family size. Clients are asked to indicate a per-session fee amount and service rates will be based on this fee agreement. For UNL students, the cost of therapy sessions are $10 per session, for an unlimited number of sessions.
When are session fees collected? Fees will be collected at the time of service. For clients seen via telehealth, billing information will be sent via the Patient Portal on TherapyNotes.
Are partial payments accepted? Yes, we can accept partial payments towards session balances. Any remaining balance will be carried over to the next scheduled session.
What if I miss a payment? Your balance will be carried over the next scheduled session. After 4 unpaid sessions, your/your child’s therapy provider will be notified to discuss billing options with you (e.g., fee agreement reset, payment plan).
I want to make an online payment – how do I do this? Each week, you’ll receive a statement that contains information about payment options, including making an online payment. To pay online, you’ll need your Client ID number and the Invoice ID number (both will be found in your statement). You can visit the Make a Payment tab on our website, or visit this direct link to access the payment portal:
What happens should my financial circumstances change after I’ve completed my fee agreement? We ask that clients notify their clinicians should any financial circumstances change throughout the course of treatment. Clinicians will request Clinic Director approval for a fee agreement reset, and we will work with clients to select a per-session fee amount that feels most comfortable.
Will I be charged for cancellations or missed appointments? No, you will not be charged a cancellation or missed appointment fee. However, should there be ongoing attendance concerns, your/your child’s therapy provider may discuss scheduling options with you (see Attendance Policy).
What does the clinic do with payments collected? Service fees support the operations of our training clinic, as well as the ongoing training of our clinicians. Each semester, clinicians will participate in a professional development activity to support their growth and learning, to be able to provide the best care possible to clients.