The Early Development and Learning Lab is currently conducting several research studies.

Preschool Study: A two-year study of children in preschool. Data collected include reports of temperament, observations of classrooms, measures of early literacy and attention, teacher report of teacher-child relationships, and teacher reported and observed measures of prosocial behavior.

Toddler Sleep Study: In this study, we are investigating whether naturally-occurring sleep patterns affect children's cognitive development and temperamental self-regulation. We are currently recruiting participants for this study. Please visit the study page for more information or to sign up.

Previous Studies

Head Start to Kindergarten Study: In this study we are examining a dataset, FACES 2006, to examine child and classroom characteristics as they work together to ameliorate or exacerbate children's risk for academic difficulties due to poverty and other demographic risk (e.g., single parent household, low maternal education, household income below the federal poverty line) in a diverse sample of children.