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Visiting the Lab

The Early Development and Learning Lab moved into the Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior (CB3) located in UNL's Memorial Stadium in November 2013. Our facility has been designed to make visits to our lab comfortable and enjoyable for children and adults.

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Early Development & Learning Lab
C80 East Stadium
Center for Brain, Biology, & Behavior
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Blue Box - East Stadium Research Labs Parking
Blue Pin - CB3 Entrance

What to Expect

For participants in the Toddler Sleep Study, you and your child will be met in the parking lot by a research assistant (RA) who will take you inside to the facility. Once in the lab, one RA will play games with the toddler in the waiting room while another RA discusses visit procedures with you. After a few minutes, you and your child will be taken to the testing room. Once the child is acclimated to the testing room, a RA will come in to play some games with the toddler. In the meantime, you will leave the testing room, and will be able to watch the tasks via computer monitors or through the two-way mirrors. The entire lab visit should last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

For children, our colorful waiting room is a place to play with toys and puzzles, and books for various reading levels. For adults, the waiting room contains magazines and various literature on child development.

Testing Room

The Testing Room

Our testing room is where parents and research assistants will interact with the toddler. Two cameras are fitted in the corners of the testing room to capture the behavior and emotion of our participants.

Control Room

The Control Room

Our control room contains the controls for the testing room cameras. In addition, the room also contains a two-way mirror where parents can watch their child participate in the testing room.