Dave HughesEnglish

Besides interacting with my fellow students, I probably enjoyed attending films at the Sheldon Film Theatre, which is now the Ross Media Arts Center. I first just went for entertainment, then I went as part of my classes for my Film Minor.
After teaching 8th Grade English in Alliance for one year, I moved back to my hometown of Lincoln to go to graduate school and add a coaching endorsement to my teaching certificate. However, I soon started volunteering at KZUM Community Radio in Lincoln, which led me to a career in broadcasting at NET Radio in Lincoln, where I am today. I did do some coaching and substitute teaching, but never taught full-time again.
It was not my major, but my minor that probably led me to where I am now. My time spent on my Film Minor, where I was reading books about films, talking about films, watching films, and making films, made me realize that I wanted to create something to share. I now help create audio programs for NET Radio.
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