Jared UrbanSecondary Social Science Education

While at UNL, I loved being a part of RHA. I lived on campus all four and half years, and my last year and a half as RA in Husker Courtyards. I made many lifetime friends that I am still close with today. I love attending sporting events like football, basketball, and volleyball. Also living on campus, being downtown on O street was super close. UNL literally feels like joining a large family who have immense pride in their family and genuinely care about one another. Go Big Red.
I have been an educator and athletic coach for 12 years now. I started out as a middle school and high school World History and Geography teacher at a small school called Tri-County in Wolcott, Indiana. During my seven years their I also coached high school varsity football as a defensive coordinator for two years and a head coach for 5 years. I also coach high school track and field as the throws coach during those 7 years on a multi-championship team. For the last 5 years I have been a Middle School World History and Geography teacher at a much larger and very prestigious school district north of Indianapolis, Indiana called Zionsville. I have also continued my career as a high school varsity football coach as a defensive coach and special teams coordinator, and I also have been the middle school track and field head coach for the past 4 years. The last two years I have also been involved with the company Chinese Education Connection. With the CEC I was able to go to Hangzhou, China and teach STEM lessons to incoming middle school grade students last summer and will be doing so again during the summer of 2019
UNL gave me unique experiences working with at risk youth, diverse practicum experiences, and a strong foundation of education as it moves into the 21st century. I am very grateful for everything UNL provided me, and I would not be where I am today without the tireless staff who worked extremely hard to create a learning environment that was not only positive but also forward thinking. I will forever bleed red, GO BIG RED!
Take opportunities to step outside your comfort zone so that you can grow in areas that you may not have ever anticipated. These will be some of your most rewarding and beneficial experiences that you can have. Do not be afraid, embrace struggle!
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