Judith (Judy) Janing - 1999 Honor Alum

Judith (Judy) Janing - 1999 Honor AlumMA Adult Education; PhD Community and Human Resources

MA 1991; PhD 1999
My advisors, class flexibility, and professors' knowledge.
Was already teaching paramedics at Creighton during the course of study for the MA, but it allowed be to not only tailor the course instruction more appropriately for adults, but also allowed me to implement a BS degree in Emergency Medical Services. After the PhD, I have worked as an instructional designer for companies that contract primarily with the government to develop training courses. Since 2005, I have worked for a company based in Fairfax, VA through telecommuting and have designed courses for the U.S. Fire Administration, National Wildfire Coordinating Group (Boise, ID), DHS Office for Bombing Prevention; and Los Angeles International Airport.
It allowed me to pursue opportunities to develop educational programs that impact a wide variety of professions.
Work with your advisors to develop the program that will meet not only University requirements, but one that will meet your goals. Then take every opportunity you can to learn from the professors.
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