Meghann Torchia

Meghann TorchiaElementary and Special Education K-6

My favorite part about my time at UNL was living in the dorms my freshman year. I had a lot of fun getting to know the people who lived near me and going to social events.
I moved on to an accelerated graduate program in Special Education.
I had some amazing professors and teachers who gave me so much new information and many tips and ideas I could use as a teacher. I was given the opportunity to practice the new ideas during classes with my peers and during practicums. I also appreciate the variety of experiences that the practicums gave me. Being able to experience teaching several times before graduating was very beneficial, especially in different areas (general education, ELL/ESL, special education). Having a variety of experiences and classes gave me a diverse background that helped me prepare for teaching!
Don't be afraid to try new things! That's what college is all about! Go on adventures with friends, study abroad, take a class about something you know nothing about. Don't be "too cool" to do something new or go to social events held by UNL. There are a lot of opportunities offered and you should experience as much as you can. You'll graduate before you know it!
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