Mitzi GitlinConsumer Affairs

I really enjoyed my time in Abel Hall and of course I also loved football Saturdays. One other thing that stands out is the quality of the educators and their dedication to the students. To this day I maintain a warm friendship with one of my East Campus professors. She made a difference in my life as my counselor, and continues to enhance it.
I went into sales within the grocery industry, working for Kraft Foods for 12 years. I still work within the industry in a management capacity. I am also the secretary for the alumni group in northern California! GBR!
I am Nebraska born, bred, and educated. I love Nebraska and it's amazing people. What I am going to say is not what you are looking for, but I am hoping that you take it seriously and act on it. I came from a village of 100 people & a high school class of 70. When I attended UN-L, I had a very difficult time knowing how to navigate such a BIG place where I knew no one. If you could use this to create a program to help farm kids assimilate moving forward, then I will be very happy.
Get involved in at least one campus group, and research potential employers long before your senior year.
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