Daniel C. Ciobanu, PhD NGN Investigator

Assistant Professor

Animal Science
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
218 K Animal Science Complex
Lincoln, NE. 68583-0908

Phone: 402.472.8066  |  Email: dciobanu@unl.edu

External Website:

I am interested in applying functional genomics and systems genetics in order to dissect the molecular architecture of complex physiological traits. In one of my previous studies I discovered a mutation in the gene encoding protein kinase AMP-activated, gamma 3 subunit, that is responsible for the variation in glycogen metabolism that leads to significant differences in pH and meat color in swine (Ciobanu et al., 2001). This work represented one of the first successful dissections of a QTL in animal genomics. My current research focuses on the identification of genetic variation responsible for differences in reproductive longevity, energy efficiency and disease resistance in livestock species. I have a significant interest in the analysis of the variation of the control of gene expression, identification of major modulators and gene networks that affect complex traits in livestock species and mouse models. I am part of the group that designed GeneNetwork (www.genenetwork.org), a unique open bioinformatics resource for systems genetics. This platform was designed for multiscale integration of networks of genes, transcripts, and classical traits such as toxicity, cancer susceptibility, and behavior.