The Nebraska Gateway to Nutrigenomics program has evolved into the NIH P20-funded Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases.  For current information and event detail to go:

Put Yourself on the Map:  Janos Zempleni

By bridging disciplines across campus, Janos Zempleni is working on an emerging field called nutrigenomics.  In the future, nutrigenomics could potentially be able to match foods with an individual's unique genetic makeup to prevent disease.

NGN... Powerful Impact

Heather Rasmussen, PhD - 2008
...While it is important to follow one’s interests, it equally is important to keep an open mind when making educational decisions that impact future employment. Read more...
Heather Rasmussen
Toshinobu Kuroishi, Postdoc 2008 to 2011
...I think that NGN is an excellent and interesting program to study human health from various viewpoints with nutrition as a common tool. Read more...
Toshinobu Kuroishi
Valerie Pestinger, MS - 2009
...First of all, due to the practical training you obtain, lots of doors [open] for a later career. Read more...
Valerie Pestinger
Casey Wegner, MS - 2011
...My educational experience at UNL offered me the opportunity to forge invaluable interdisciplinary relationships that have truly set the tone for my future. Read more...
Casey Wegner
Gabriela Camporeale, Nutrition, PhD - 2006
...My training landed me a position in one of Argentina’s premier research institutes. Read more...
Gabriela Camporeale
Erin Smith, Nutrition, MS - 2007
...I never considered working in the analytical testing field until I took the job, but it is much more than I could have ever expected. Read more...
Erin Smith
Sarah (Ehlers) Kiester, Nutrition, MS - 2008
...My degrees gave me a solid educational foundation in the chemistry of food components. Read more...
Sarah (Ehlers) Kiester
Keyna Kobza, Nutrition, MS - 2007
...Advisors and fellow lab mates displayed amazing dedication and taught me invaluable lessons, both academically and personally. Read more...
Keyna Kobza
Rama Kothapalli, Nutrition, PhD - 2006
...During my doctoral studies, I traveled to meetings and conferences annually. Read more...
Rama Kothapalli
Tammy Gries, Food Science and Technology, MS - 2008
...Shortly after receiving my degree, I applied for and was hired to a position with the United States Department of Agriculture. Read more...
Tammy Gries
Jing Xue, Molecular Nutrition, PhD 2013
...Equipped with thorough knowledge in nutrition and scientific attitudes Read more...
Jing Xue