Ryan DeprezSecondary Education - Social Science (7-12)

The willingness of faculty and students to work with each other in a friendly and collaborative area. It was more than just going to class.
I became a 9th grade social science teacher in Oklahoma City, Ok, for two years. After two years teaching, I decided to move back to Omaha, NE, and began to work full-time for the University of Nebraska at Omaha as an Admissions Counselor for two years while beginning to work on my Masters. After two years working at UNO, I then left UNO and began working at my current job, Orion Advisor Services, which is a financial advising tech company where I now train financial advisors on using our system. It's an amazing job and my education and experience as a teacher made me a perfect fit for an absolutely amazing job!
It gave me the opportunity to grow as an adult, but also helped teach me how to be successful in any work environment and allow me to use my skills in a very diverse manner.
Remember that more than anything your degree is a means of teaching you how to learn and adapt. You never know where your career might take you, but being able to learn how to learn and then apply those new skills is the key to success after graduation.
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