In the Nebraska Strong Families lab, we are committed to providing training experiences commensurate with each individual's level of commitment and experience and combining every member's unique strengths to form a creative, productive, and collaborative team.

Prospective Graduate Students

Please contact Dr. Kuo directly to introduce yourself. You can follow this link to learn more about the graduate programs that UNL offers in Child, Youth and Family Studies. Dr. Kuo is able to advise students in the on-campus graduate programs in child development/early childhood education and global family health & wellbeing.

Prospective Research Assistants

We currently are collecting data from families through two projects: Living with Toddlers Study and the Queer Parents Study. This would be a great opportunity for students who are interested in gaining experience with data collection of young children and their parents. Through your experience in the lab, you’ll also learn about cutting-edge research and how to communicate those findings to a broad audience. Depending on your level of interest, background skills, and commitment, you can also have the opportunity to help present our findings at conferences or through journal publications.

We have several different routes for involvement in our lab.

Course credit students: 45 - 150 hours total per semester.

There are two options for semester-start enrollment: CYAF 496 (Advanced Independent Study) and CYAF 498 (Research Experience) for 1-3 credits per semester. Please note that 18 credits maximum are allowed across courses (6 credits each for 496 and 498). Depending on whether you choose to register for 496 or 498 will dictate the hours requirement. 

In your first semester of completing independent study in the NSF lab, you would primarily play support roles in our research (operating cameras, assisting with lab visits, editing videos for later analysis). Promotions may be given to students who show exceptional committment and responsiblity. See our "People" page!

Several students have also completed CYAF 497D (Community Internship in Child, Youth and Family Studies) in our lab with a summer start date and often extending into the school year. 

UCARE & FYRE Students: time commitment varies by program.
This may be the right opportunity for you if you meet the eligibility requirements for each program. These opportunities are paid positions. Find out more information about UCARE here and FYRE here. As a UCARE or FYRE student, you’ll receive specialized training opportunities in addition to playing support roles in our research projects. UCARE students will have the opportunity to develop an independent research project. UCARE applications are only accepted from students who have completed at least one semester of course credit lab experience with Dr. Kuo. 

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