NPOD 13th Annual Spring Retreat

NPOD Spring Retreat

NPOD 13th Annual Spring Retreat

26 Apr 2022    

The Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases (NPOD) hosted his 13th Annual Spring Retreat on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at the Sheldon Museum of Art (12th and R St, Lincoln, NE).

The symposium was attended by 75 participants.

Featured speakers were experts on the topics of "Lipid Metabolism":

  • Dr. Mark McNiven (Mayo Clinic - Mayo Center for Biomedical Discovery)
    “Cellular Insights into Fatty Liver”

  • Dr. Karen Reue (UCLA - David Geffen School of Medicine)
    “Sex Determinants of Obesity and Lipid Metabolism”

  • Dr. Nicholas DiPatrizio (UC Riverside – School of Medicine)
    “Pretty Gutsy: Endocannabinoids in the Periphery Tell Us to Eat”


Here are the winners of the best poster award:

1) Bikram Upadhyaya - UNL Nutrition and Health Sciences - Regis Moreau lab
“γ-EV Improved the Diabetic Condition of db/db Mice via Modulation of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism”

2) Cody N. Rozeveld - UNMC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Micah Schott lab
“A novel pathway of lipid droplet microautophagy is perturbed by chronic alcohol consumption”

3) Ekta Pandey  - UNL Biochemistry - Edward Harris group
“Understanding the Stabilin receptor mediated endosomal escape mechanism of Phosphorothionate-Antisense Oligonucleotide (PS-ASOs)”


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