1 : 1 Tablet Learning Initiative

Tracy Platt and Troy Pritchett

Lack of access to individual technological tools may inhibit students opportunities to develop 21st century  skills that will be required for college and in life.

What is the process our district will follow to implement a 1:1 tablet learning initiative?

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Improving Student Achievement and Engagement Through Para Educator Training

Elizabeth Bartell and Robin Mantaro

Para educators play an increasingly vital role in the educational setting. The role of para educators “has evolved from duties that were mostly administrative in nature to those that are now mostly dealing with instructional content” (Tews & Lupart, 2008, p.39).

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Using Peer Coaching to Increase Teacher Effectiveness: Enhancing Traditional Performance Evaluation

Sally Shepherd and Erin Stutzman

Using peer coaching as a support to traditional teacher evaluation methods can help to increase teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement.  Standard teacher evaluation methods used in most schools today may not always provide essential feedback in a timely manner to encourage and support teacher effectiveness.  In order to increase both quantity and quality of evaluative

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Using Performance Evaluations with Activity Sponsors

Peter Gomez

The primary goal of this project is to implement a performance evaluation system for all sponsors in the district. All sponsors of activities, athletic teams and clubs will be annually evaluated to provide effective feedback as the district strives to establish conditions that will attract and retain the highest qualified personnel.

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Using School-Wide Leadership Initiatives to Promote Student/Staff Success

Major Jeff Searcey

Leadership is an over-encompassing umbrella that can be a concept applied to the entire school from the top down and back up. Through a 1 year development initiative, a school can lay the foundation for a specific Leadership identity that will be constructed solely by their own team (Team Building in the process).

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