1 : 1 Tablet Learning Initiative

Tracy Platt and Troy Pritchett

Lack of access to individual technological tools may inhibit students opportunities to develop 21st century  skills that will be required for college and in life.

What is the process our district will follow to implement a 1:1 tablet learning initiative?

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IMPROVE STUDENT READING COMPREHENSION: Through Instructional Strategies and Student Engagement

Jessica Rice and Fran Connor

In looking at district and state data, our school’s reading comprehension scores consistently fall 15% below other schools.

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Instructional Improvement Through the Use of Effective Data Teams

Stephanie Kastrup and Terri Nelson

How can schools effectively use data teams to improve instruction and increase student achievement?


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Meeting the Unique Needs of Spanish Heritage Language Learners - Cubriendo las Necesidades de los Estudiantes de Español como Lengua de Herencia

Montessa Muñoz and Janine Theiler

Spanish Heritage Language education is an emerging field.  There exists little research dealing with training instructors of heritage languages (UCLLLT, 2002, p. 5), and there is no established theoretical or pedagogical base for the teaching of heritage languages.

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