Beautiful Adventures

Video Lessons

Living on Buttin' Buck Farms

Length - 5:14; for children 14 months and older

It’s a beautiful day to live on a farm, especially with goats! What do goats like to eat? Find out a little bit about this herd of goats from Extension Educator Sarah Roberts. Then think of your favorite healthy snacks and make one.

Rainy Day Activities

Length - 2:58; for children 2-10 years

Springtime is such a beautiful time of year. We can observe flowers and plants blooming, but we know that in order for them to grow, they need water! Since it rains a lot during Spring, we may be stuck inside and need some fun activities to stay active and engaged. This video provides ideas for activities to implement in the home. I hope these activities bring joy and beauty to your day!

Tree Climbing Adventure

Length - 1:54; for children 3-13 years

Tree climbing is a risky adventure that children love to do! Tree climbing allows children to test their physical skills as well as their problem solving skills! It is a risky play but the outcome of children building their confidence and seeing that they can accomplish a tricky task is a great benefit! Get ready for a tree climbing adventure and find some helpful tips for parents here!

Mapping Fun!

Length - 2:20; for children 2+ years

Engaging children in mapping can foster so many learning experiences! You can make each experience unique to any child’s interest. As you make maps with your child you can allow them to be in charge of where to hide all of the parts and how to to find them using the map!

Skit Scat Adventure

Length - 4:20; for children 3-8 years

Heading out on an adventure might be just what you and your child need! A prairie preserve is a perfect destination, you can distance yourself from all other humans! Take on the adventure with or without a plan! We challenged ourselves to search for scat. Do you know what scat is? It is poop! Locating scat can tell you a lot about where animals have been and also what they eat! You can connect with nature in your back yard or on an adventure to a prairie.

Going on a Nature Walk

Length - 2:14; for children 2+ years

Join us as we discover different parts of our neighborhood! It’s fun to take the time to listen and explore the things that are right down your street or in a park near your home. Slowing down and taking the time to explore things like pinecones, puddles and trees builds children’s observation skills and also allows them to use their bodies in big and small ways. It’s a beautiful day to explore outside!

Bird Watching Nature Walk

Length - 2:45; for children 3+ years

Go outside and document what you notice in nature. What is around you? Although it is specifically aimed towards birds, there are lots of things that can be noticed by just walking around the block. By having a notebook, piece of paper, and coloring utensils, it encourages children to recall and recreate what they saw outside in a form of documentation.

Signs of spring - exploring nature in your neighborhood

Length - 13:24; for children 3+ years

Nature is everywhere. Children love learning about and being in nature. This video features exploration of signs of spring in a Nebraska neighborhood. The video celebrates the beauty and wonder of nature, and identifies and describes many aspects of nature that can be found in Midwestern climates. Learn more about the definitions used in this video here!

Collection Walk

Length - 3:09; for all ages

Welcome to our collection walk! Allowing children the freedom to explore an area and find “treasures” to collect gives the children a sense of ownership and freedom to explore in their own unique way. Doing a simple walk you expand children’s language by sharing and talking about the collection or experience. You can start with a simple walk and explore what you can find and expand the activities and conversation with older children. When you return from your collection walk you can create and explore the collected items by doing art activities or you can even connect to math skills by sorting the items.

Worm Collecting

Length - 2:34; for children 3-8 years

Join Taia on her beautiful adventure as she collects worms on a rainy day. Rainy days can be beautiful days too. It's all about looking around you and seeing what kinds of creatures come out when people hide inside. Collecting worms can be fun for children and teach them that worms are nothing to be afraid of and are beneficial for birds and the garden. While worm collecting, children practice observing and using hand eye coordination as they try to pick them up; be it with a tool, forceps, or their fingers. So get outside on cooler or rainy day and look around for critters. Watch for the robins because they are also looking for worms in the yard and it's fun to watch when they find one and pull them out of the ground.

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