Beautiful Movements

Video Lessons

Choose a Tree

Length - 4:26; for children 2+ years

Help me choose a tree that we can call “our special tree.” We can visit it often, observe it carefully, and enjoy it together. Special times outdoors creates important emotional connections in my brain.

Animal Yoga

Length - 5:38; for children 2-8 years

Yoga supports many avenues of child development from increasing focus to learning mindfulness techniques. Young children are often times familiar with animals and can also easily adapt their bodies into animal poses to mimic their body shape. Join this interactive video to stretch out and relax!

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Length - 1:52; for children 4+ years

Creating an outdoor obstacle course can get your entire family outdoors for some exercise and create some friendly competition. Using whatever materials you have available, and can be used outside, work together to create a challenging course and see how long it takes each family member to get through it! The main goal is to get everyone outside, enjoying the sun, and having FUN!

Name That Tune

Length - 2:53; for children 3-8 years

This video features Dr. Charlene Brown playing 5 songs on her accordion for children to try and name the title of the songs.

Little Rain Rhyming Song

Length - 1:54; for children 2-5 years

It’s a beautiful day to learn a new song about the rain. Grab an umbrella and join Linda and Mark outside. Then, afterwards sit or walk with your umbrella and have fun singing or practice rhyming! You can also go outside and identify what you see and try think of words to rhyme, for example, tree and bee or bug and hug.

Stretch Your Body

Length - 3:59; for children 3-5 years

Join us for an easy yoga exercise for parents and children aged 3-5. It helps children to enhance muscle strength by stretching and balancing.

Syncopated Clock Movement

Length - 2:58; for children 2-8 years

Grab a scarf, sock, piece of fabric and be ready to follow along with Dr. Charlene Brown as you move to the music.

Let's move and play! Frogs on sinking lily pads

Length - 2:16; for children 3-8 years

Children are natural movers and it’s important for your child’s health to move and play every day. This video teaches children of all ages how to play a game called “frogs on sinking lily pads”. It encourages children to move and play, and also incorporates tossing bean bags, counting and teamwork. The Frogs on Sinking Lily Pads game is part of the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) – Early Childhood curriculum. This video was produced, in part, by the Nebraska Nutrition Education Program.

For more activities and nutritious recipes check out this resource!

Fish Rhyme with Hand Gestures (English and Mandarin)

Length - 3:45; for children 3-8 years

This playful and fun bilingual rhyme encourages 2-5-year-old children to explore and experience a diversity of culture and language. It also helps young children to practice their fine motor movement skills. For more free online resources with songs and stories in Mandarin, go here!

Rough and Tumble Play

Length - 2:16; for children 3-8 years

Rough and Tumble play is exactly what children need! They want to feel challenged in their movements and also like it when they can come up with risky play! Risky and big body movement is a very valuable way for children to get a high energy activity into their daily play and should always involve supervision from an adult. Allow children to create obstacles and make up games to do big body movements. You can find additional resources and ideas for big body movement here!

Alphabet Hop

Length - 2:20; for children 3-6 years

Alphabet Hop is a fun activity to get your child's body moving while reviewing letters and letter sounds! Call out letters in a random order and have your child jump on the letters when they find them! Challenge your child by asking what sound each letter makes, or have them practice spelling their name! This activity supports early literacy development through movement!

Climb and Slide Game

Length - 2:10; for children 3-8 years

Games offer a wonderful opportunity for children to feel in control of an activity! Children are able to make decisions about their turn, about the rules, even about how the game ends. Advice for parents is to be flexible and go with the flow! Allow children to come up with the rules for the game! This video shows how we made a big game on our driveway and each time we play it we think of new ways to play!

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