Video Lessons

Caring for a Bucket Calf

Length - 3:39; for children 2 years and older

This video shows children how to care for a bucket calf. Come join Meredith as she shows you how to care for Ruby. Ages, 2 and up

Making Muffins with Teacher Alyssa

Length - 9:13; for children 2-8 years

There are many benefits to cooking with young children. They can learn and practice tool use, measurement, and the science of cooking and baking! In this video, Teacher Alyssa provides an easy recipe that incorporates all of these aspects. Think of some of your favorite muffin toppings and get ready to make some simple oat muffins!

Fruit Kabobs

Length - 2:30; for children 2-10 years

Preparing and making fruit kabobs is a simple way to engage children in eating healthy! Before preparing the ingredients, ask children about their favorite fruits that they want to add to their kabobs. By getting their input, they are more likely to participate in creating the kabobs, as well as eating them!

A Chick Named Dip ‘N’ Dot

Length - 2:28; for children 2+ years

Meet Tatum and her baby chick Dip ‘N’ Dot. In this video, Tatum shows the chick’s body parts and explains how she takes care of them. Resource: Are you a child or family care program with preschool-age children? Check out the Look Who's Hatching! This program guides early childhood teachers through the process of introducing embryology with preschool aged children.

Goodnight Willa! Building Independence Skills with Toddlers

Length - 2:41; for children 3-5 years

Toddlers love to be helpers! Use your bedtime routines to give them practice in building their independence. Here is a helpful link to building a simple bedtime routine!

Build a Tent for Plants

Length - 2:41; for children 3-5 years

This video can help children aged 3-5 to take care of the plants in our ecological world. It is also an activity that can be done together between parents and children.

Donuts with Ruby

Length - 2:58; for children 3-8 years

Your breakfast schedule might have changed a little bit with staying at home. In some families you might have been used to eating breakfast at school, so now you are trying to think of different healthy items to eat to start the day offl! This video shows how to make a favorite breakfast item-DONUTS! Easy, quick, and children can do it with just a little help from an adult! You can find more resources for healthy meals here!

Cobblestone Restaurant

Length - 2:27; for children 3-8 years

Lunch time can be a struggle to offer a variety of options everyday to keep the kids excited and interested in eating healthy foods! This video illustrates the idea of creating a restaurant offering a kids menu that then allows the children to pick the options they want to eat!

You can also find more resources for meal time options for families here!

Laundry fun: Matching socks

Length - 3:21; for children 4-8 years

Household jobs can be fun! This video teaches children that it can be fun to help with laundry by matching socks and organizing them by family member. You can add some more fun by counting the socks or sorting by colors.

How to take care of your pet

Length - 3:21; for children 4-8 years

Learn how to take care of your very own pet through the eyes of Savannah and her cat, Leo!

Making Pizza

Length - 3:51; for children 2+ years

Cooking with children can be a fun way to connect and slow down. When children are invited to participate in cooking family meals, they learn to follow directions and elicit their creativity. You can follow a basic recipe and make individual pizzas which allows children to choose their own ingredients and take the lead. Watch Aliza and Mira make their pizzas. What are your favorite pizza ingredients?

Learning about Lambs

Length - 4:30; for children 2+ years

Lynn DeVries, Extension Educator takes us to her farm to meet a special baby lamb that was born needing extra help. Lynn shows us how to bottle feed the lamb and introduces us to all the things this little lamb can do. Children are encouraged to celebrate what they can do too.

Hotdog Hamburger Fold

Length - 4:30; for children 2+ years

When you ask a child to complete a chore often times they might respond with, “ I don’t know how.” Try and think of easy strategies and steps that make sense to the child so they have the tools to complete the task. Walk the child through the task using the strategy and then they should be good to go! This video gives an easy strategy to folding blankets around your home.

Planting Seedlings

Length - 4:40; for children 2+ years

Planting seedlings is a great late winter or early spring activity for children of all ages! This activity is a great way to get children excited for the outdoors and can provide continuity and a daily routine where the children check and water the seedlings. Children get excited when they see their seedlings sprout and grow. Once the seedlings grow into plants (note: transplant seedlings into a larger container or the ground once they grow too large for their seedling container), this activity paves the way to teach a variety of science literacy concepts about what a plant needs in order to grow (sun, water, air, and soil). Planting vegetable seeds also gets children excited to eat vegetables!

Taking Care of Dogs

Length - 2:31; for children 3-8 years

This video shows how children can help with taking care of family pets. From where they sleep, taking them outside, treats to give them, to helping with feeding them meals, there are many ways to include children in the responsibility of an animal. In the video, Crosby shows how he helps take care of his dog, Sherman, at home.

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