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Kenneth A. Kiewra, PH.D.

Nurture Talent Soar to Success Author & Speaker

Expert on Talent Development, Developer of SOAR Teaching and Learning Method, Book Author, and International Public Speaker

Recent Invited Talks

Keynote Speaker, 17th Conference of the European Council for High Abilities, Porto, Portugal, September 2020.

Talent Development Research Summit, Nuremberg, Germany, October 2018 - Dr. Kiewra is one of just 24 international scholars invited to participate in the summit. He addresses his new talent project: Academic Talent Development: The Roles Parents Play.

Learning and the Brain Conference on “Reaching for Greatness: The Science of Nurturing Child Potential, Passion, Interests, and Talents,” sponsored by Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Integrative Learning Institute at MIT, and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Dr. Kiewra makes an invited talk about parents’ roles in nurturing talent and shows Prodigies of the Prairie documentary.

College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska. Keynote Speaker. “The Science of Teaching: Helping Students SOAR to Success.”

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Kenneth A. Kiewra is professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Professor Kiewra is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta and is certified in elementary and secondary English education. Upon graduation, he taught third grade and coached tennis in Miller Place, NY.

Dr. Kiewra earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology and instructional design from Florida State University and was also on the faculty at Kansas State University and Utah State University. Kiewra’s research pertains to the SOAR teaching and study method he developed and to talent nurturing, particularly the roles parents play. He has published more than 100 articles; authored two books for students (Learning to Learn: Making the Transition from Student to Life-Long Learner and Learn How to Study and SOAR to Success), one book for educators (Teaching How to Learn), and one book for parents (Nurturing Children’s Talents: A Guide for Parents); and made more than 500 presentations to educational, corporate, and parent groups. Dr. Kiewra is the former director of the University of Nebraska’s Academic Success Center and the former editor of Educational Psychology Review.
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Dr. Kiewra is available for presentations or workshops for student, teacher, parent, and corporate groups.

Dr. Kiewra has made more than 500 presentations to teacher and student groups; conducted dozens of interviews for national publications such as New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and Rolling Stone; wrote a weekly newspaper column and did a weekly radio segment; developed, taught, and supervised a study skills course that enrolls hundreds of students every semester; developed and validated the SOAR teaching and learning method and then imparted that method to tens of thousands of teachers and students world-wide; and built move-by-move a chess empire in Lincoln that deeply impacted thousands of school-aged children. It is diffcult to imagine anyone whose work is more widespread or who is more committed to bringing educational psychology to the people than Dr. Kiewra. Dr. Dharma JairamMorningside College