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Dr. Kiewra is available for presentations or workshops for student, teacher, parent, or corporate groups.

Dr. Kiewra has made more than 500 how-to-better-teach, how-to-better-learn, and how to nurture talent invited talks. Many were for student groups such as Greek organizations, athletes, at-risk students, honors students, and K-12 students. Many were for administrators and teachers at colleges, law schools, and medical schools. He also speaks to parents, coaches, and corporate groups about nurturing talent.

Recently, Dr. Kiewra was the keynote speaker at his home university for a Science of Teaching and Learning Symposium. He was a guest speaker on the same topic for a national Teaching Matters audio series and was a featured speaker for government employees in Washington, D.C. Over the years, Dr. Kiewra has given published interviews for such outlets as New York Times Magazine, New York Times Education Life, Rolling Stone, Woman’s Day, Associated Press, Redbook, Washington Post, Time Magazine, and USA Today.

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Dr. Kiewra’s unique talent for helping teachers translate educational theory into classroom practice has made for significantly more effective learning for countless students. This, in my opinion, represents the highest level of service to the educational community. Becky BreedFormer Director of Staff Development and High School Principal, Lincoln Public Schools, NE

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Dr. Kiewra Presenting

Dr. Kiewra named UT Dallas Chess Educator of the Year. Spring 2020. Spring 2020

Kenneth Kiewra, professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, has been named the 2020 Chess Educator of the Year by the prestigious University of Texas at Dallas chess program, which has made this award to honorees since 2004. Read More...

Here is Dr. Kiewra’s Speech:

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Professor Kiewra Talks Talent with Northwestern Center for Talent Development FALL 2018

“Talent is not an end-product. It’s a continuum, a process of increasing growth. All people are somewhere on that talent continuum. There are no winners and losers—only developers—whether our talent takes us to Carnegie Hall or to community band.” So says Kenneth A. Kiewra, educational psychologist and researcher from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, and author of a new book, Nurturing Children’s Talents: A Guide for Parents.

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Professor Kiewra Answers Burning Question for Wall Street Journal Readers October 26, 2018

Kenneth Kiewra, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, explains the most effective methods for taking notes.

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Professor Kiewra Talks Talent with KFOR Radio FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Professor Kiewra Talks Talent with KFOR Radio

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Dr. Kiewra Investigates Olympic Speed Skaters FEBRUARY 7, 2018

University of Nebraska–Lincoln graduate student Carol Ott Schacht and educational psychology professor Ken Kiewra interviewed the three former U.S. Olympic speed skaters for a recently published article on talent development. Their article suggests that their families and their location in a skating hotbed helped pave the way for the skaters' triumphs.

Dr. Keiwra and Wife

Prodigies of the Prairie Offers Tips on Raising Talented Kids JANUARY 17, 2017

To offer guidance to parents of other future superstars, Kiewra has created "Prodigies of the Prairie," a series of documentaries that provide first-hand glimpses of how parents interact with their talented children.

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Dr. Kiewra on Nebraska Public Radio JANUARY 16, 2018

What takes a kid from being an average competitor to a national champion? NET News talked with Ken Kiewra, UNL professor of educational psychology and Amanda Witte, project manager at the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools, about their work.

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Teaching Matters Podcast - Dr. Kiewra November 27, 2017

Dr. Kiewra talks talent, note taking, SOAR, and other topics with Dr. Scott Titsworth, Dean of Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University

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Dr. Kiewra Advises Graduate Students YouTube | Oct 28, 2017

Dr. Kiewra Advises Graduate Students

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Professor Kiewra speaks to British secondary students about note taking...

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Researching Chess Prodigies: An interview with Dr. Kenneth Kiewra CHESSBASE NEWS | OCT 14, 2016

In the chess world, Dr. Kenneth A. “Ken” Kiewra was initially known as the father of IM Keaton Kiewra. He raised Keaton in Lincoln, Nebraska...

Dr. Ken Kiewra

Can Handwriting Make You Smarter? WALL STREET JOURNAL | APR 5, 2016

“The written notes capture my thinking better than typing,” said educational psychologist Kenneth Kiewra at the University of Nebraska in . . .

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How to Take Better Lecture Notes New York Times | Oct 31, 2014

“Students are notoriously poor note-takers,” says Kenneth Kiewra, professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln . . .

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Studies Say Handwriting Will Make You (and Your Kids) Smarter Reader's Digest | Feb 17, 2017

At the University of Nebraska, educational psychologist Kenneth Kiewra held a similar study, where some students were tested immediately following a . . .

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Secret to successful kids? Hard working parents Science Daily | Jun 21, 2015

To learn how parents cultivate talent in their children, Kiewra and his ... Amanda L. Witte, Kenneth A. Kiewra, Sarah C. Kasson, Kyle R. Perry . . .

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The Best Way To Boost Your Memory Is Already In Your Hand Huffington Post | Apr 8, 2016

. . . ability to take notes more quickly — was what undermined learning,” educational psychologist Kenneth Kiewra told the Wall Street Journal . . .

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Taking notes? Bring a pen, skip the computer Boston Globe | May 25, 2014

Just about every professor has complained about students with screens in front of them flitting over to Facebook or Tumblr instead of listening to . . .

hands taking notes

The Pen That Never Forgets New York Times | Sep 16, 2010

“We have feeble memories,” says Ken Kiewra, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska and one of the world's . . .

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Most High-School Students Cheat LiveScience | May 12, 2010

"Students generally understand what constitutes cheating, but they do it anyway," said study researcher Kenneth Kiewra, a professor of . . .

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High-achieving children have their parents to thank Health24 | Jul 3, 2015

. . . to fostering their children's talent development," study leader and educational psychologist Kenneth Kiewra said in a university news release . . .