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October 5th - 6th, 2017 in Medellin, Colombia

After carrying out in 2009, 2010 and 2012 the International Symposium on School Harassment (Bullying), The Faculty of Psychology of the University CES in the subsequent analysis of these events found with satisfaction, that there is a high motivation in the Social and Human Sciences Professionals, the Health Sector, parents and students, on the issue of bullying. Also, the educational sector of the country and the world are reporting high rates of occurrence on the phenomenon: "bullying", understood as a form of emotional or physical abuse that has three defining characteristics: Deliberate; a bully’s intention is to hurt someone, Repeated; a bully often targets the same victim again and again and Power Imbalanced; a bully chooses victims he or she perceives as vulnerable. Bullying occurs in many different forms, with varying levels of severity. It may involve: Physical Bullying like poking, pushing, hitting, kicking, beating up; Verbal Bullying; yelling, teasing, name-calling, insulting, threatening to harm; and Indirect Bullying; ignoring, excluding, spreading rumors, telling lies, getting others to hurt someone (Storey & Slaby, 2008).

This social phenomenon, gives rise to various strategies of prevention. It is necessary to consider a process of development and well-being for the whole population; through this perspective, in Antioquia, Public Policy is considered as an approach of rights and attention for different groups of population, developing positive actions on those historically excluded and in higher conditions of vulnerability so that they benefit from policies of development and well-being. Understanding the high incidence of bullying in the Colombia, as a component of child abuse, the Faculty of Psychology of the CES University committed to the improvement of life quality of children and youth in general, presents the Symposium, as a bet of regional, national and international awareness for improving the welfare of the students, teachers and parents, as well as school environments.

This year, the symposium aims to continue being a national event, thereby ensuring a great social projection on an issue as complex as bullying with all the implications and possibilities that it has. It is estimated to count with about 500 assistants, with who is expected multiply the learning in their contexts in the years to come. As it has been mentioned, on the side of the CES University and the Faculty of Psychology, there is a strong commitment with continuous education as a fundamental tool for social transformation, creation of opportunities and the development of skills and abilities for the 21st century citizens. The Symposium will be carried out in Medellin, Colombia at the theater of CES University, with a capacity for 500 people. During the days 5th and 6th of October 2017, month in which over the past years, the city has made plans of action based on school coexistence. We will have traslation english/spanish.


Kim Storey - Boston, Unites States
Kim Storey EdD is a child development specialist, educator, and researcher whose expertise includes bullying prevention and the cognitive and social/emotional development of children. Dr. Storey has developed, produced, and evaluated research-based programs, videos, websites, toolkits, television series, and educational materials that have had a major impact on the lives of millions of families, educators, and professional organizations. She is a regular consultant for education, media, and technology organizations, frequently serves as a featured speaker, and conducts workshops and trainings throughout the United States and internationally. (

Debra Pepler - Toronto, Ontario, Canadá
Dr. Debra Pepler is a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at York University. Her research focuses on children and youths’ relationships within peer and family contexts, with a concern for violence prevention. Her research identifies bullying as a relationship problem that transforms to other problems over the lifespan. Dr. Pepler has conducted research with the Child Development Institute for over 30 years with the SNAP® (Stop Now and Plan) programs for aggressive children and their families. She has conducted research for over 20 years with Breaking the Cycle – a program for substance using mothers and their young children. Dr. Pepler has also conducted research with Pine River Institute for substance addicted adolescents, UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools Program, and the Canadian Red Cross Walking the Prevention Circle – a program developed by and for Aboriginal communities. Together with Dr. Wendy Craig, Dr. Pepler leads a federally funded national network, PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying for children and youth (

Amanda Nickerson - Buffalo, United States
Amanda Nickerson is a professor of school psychology and director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York. Her research focuses on school violence and bullying, and the critical role of family, peers, and schools in preventing violence and building social-emotional strengths of youth. Dr. Nickerson has published more than 80 journal articles and book chapters, written or edited 5 books, and conducted over 250 professional presentations. She is a licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, fellow of the American Psychological Association, and Coordinator of Research for the National Association of School Psychologists’ School Safety and Crisis Prevention Committee. (

Ron Slaby – Boston, United States
Ron Slaby, PhD, is a developmental psychologist, research scientist, and educator. Through his ground-breaking research, evidence-based programs, and international consultations, Dr. Slaby has helped to create effective strategies for preventing violence and bullying in the United States and internationally. He served for 25 years in both Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and Education Development Center, an international nonprofit. Currently, he serves as a Senior Scientist in the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School (