Elizabeth Casey Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education-Family and Consumer Sciences, 2009

Millard Public Schools-Millard North Middle School (2009-2013) and Millard West High School (2013-Present)

Elizabeth currently teaches Foods for Today, Everyday Living (Health), and Child Development

She was involved in Millard North Middle School’s wellness committee and sent out a weekly “Food Friday” e-mail to the staff with healthy recipes and cooking tips. She is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who enjoys teaching food and nutrition classes. She thoroughly enjoys the topics covered and conversations that take place in health class. Elizabeth will be presenting on College and Career Readiness (CCR) during Milard West's Fall 2014 workshop days.

According to Elizabeth: "My education is my greatest accomplishment in life! The education that I received at UNL has helped me tremendously in my teaching career. I got to work with and study from some of the best teachers during my years of formal education. They served as excellent role models for me as I prepared for my teaching career. They modeled the very things that they expected of me as a preparing teacher. They set a high standard for lesson plans, which helped me with formal administrator observations within my classroom during my first two years of teaching. The lesson plans encouraged us to consider the broad concepts or the “big ideas”. This helped me tremendously when I was teaching the International Baccalaureate program at Millard North Middle School. UNL encouraged me to continue to be a learner and to continuously reflect on my teaching practices. UNL has given me a wide breadth of knowledge within my subject area. Knowledge truly is power!"

Elizabeth graduated in December 2014 with a Master's Degree in Education-Curriculum and Instruction

Elizabeth Casey

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