Resources for Faculty

Travel Forms

Pre-Trip Request: PDF or Excel.
    (Fill this out before you leave, and send to Catia Guerrero. Travel policies can be found on the Travel Services website.)
Employee Expense Voucher: PDF or Excel.
    (Fill this out and give it to Catia Guerrero when you get back. Include original, itemized receipts.)
Need travel funding from outside of the department? IANR Faculty Funding

Ordering Supplies

Email Lisa McConnell. It helps if you find the item online and include the link and a cost object number if necessary.

Other Forms

Non-Travel Expense Voucher: PDF or Excel.
    (Use this if there's no travel, and send it to Catia Guerrero. Include original, itemized receipts.)
Leave Form
    (Used for any non-university travel leave to notify the CYAF office of your absence.)
Permission For Access To a Faculty Office
    (Used to allow students into your office. Send original to Catia Guerrero.)
Purchasing Card Transaction Voucher : PDF or Excel.
    (This is the most recent version, for those of you with a P Card.)
Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher
    (Used for guests to the university. Send original to Catia Guerrero.)

Handbooks and Department Documents

Department Handbook
Promotion and Tenure Guidelines: PDF or Online
Doctoral Degree Handbook
Master's Degree Handbook
Academic Integrity Statement


Check out the CEHS Grants page for more information.