Julie Tippens
Forced Migration & Health Research Lab

Julie Tippens Associate Professor

DrPH, Maternal and Child Health, University of Arizona College of Public Health
Certificate, Medical Anthropology, University of Arizona School of Anthropology
M.P.H., Social and Behavioral Health, Temple University College of Public Health
M.A., International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Arcadia University
B.A., English Literature, Fordham University

Dr. Julie Tippens is a community-engaged researcher specializing in forced migration, refugees, global health, and health disparities. She has worked as a practitioner and researcher with refugees and asylum seekers in North America, Southeast Asia, and East Africa for more than 15 years.

Dr. Tippens is broadly trained across the health and social sciences and utilizes ethnographic, participatory, and visual methods to glean insight into the social, cultural, and structural determinants that affect refugees' health and wellbeing in the U.S., Kenya, and Tanzania. She has conducted research on a wide range of topics pertaining to refugee health, including community resilience and social capital, mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, elder and intergenerational social support, sexual and reproductive health, access to health and social services, and health workforce / community health workers.

As an engaged researcher, Dr. Tippens brings her work to the community. She enjoys working collaboratively with stakeholders representing universities in East Africa, intergovernmental agencies, international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations and coalitions. She has an institutional affiliation with the Moi University Peace and Reconciliation Institute in Kenya.

In her spare time, Dr. Tippens loves drinking coffee, snapping photographs, watching Swahili telenovelas, and spending time with her spouse, Mohamed, and their pets, Bernie and Nyundo.

Dr. Tippens is accepting PhD students for the 2020-2021 academic year. She is particularly interested in supervising graduate students whose interests include any of the following themes: forced migration, refugees, and humanitarian aid; older adults and aging; sexual and reproductive health; East Africa; and ethnographic, visual, and participatory research.

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