Medical Family TherapyCertificate

The Medical Family Therapy graduate certificate program offers intensive training in medical family therapy and collaborative health care.


The purpose of the Medical Family Therapy Certificate program is to help clinical students develop the skills, theory, and practice of Medical Family Therapy. Students will learn about collaborative healthcare, medical specializations and terminology, assessments commonly used in healthcare settings and the ways in which biopsychosocial components of patients’ and families’ lives may impact their experience of health and illness. In addition, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of illness and disease on individuals, couples and families, with an emphasis on the meaning individuals and families construct surrounding the illness experience. Finally, students will learn about integrated behavioral health care, in both educational and clinical settings.


  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Professional Counselor

Application to this program

Admission criteria and selection procedures for students seeking admission to the program.

Students need to apply for admission into the Medical Family Therapy Certificate program. In addition to admission requirements for UNL Graduate Studies, students must either a) hold a qualifying degree or b) be currently enrolled in a qualifying degree program. A qualifying degree is a clinical mental health training program (graduate level) in Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, or Professional Counselor. The Graduate Certificate program can be completed within one year by taking the three/four core courses (including continuous enrollment in practicum (e.g., CYAF 997) during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms).




Application to this program

Required materials:

  1. Graduate Studies Application
  2. Unofficial Transcripts
  3. Resume
  4. Statement of Professional Goals

In your statement of professionla goals, address the following:

-What personal and/or professional experiences have led you to want to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Medical/Family Therapy?

-What are your professional goals and how will degree help you achieve those?

5. Three letters of recommendation

Ensure that at least one reference letter is academic (e.g., instructor, advisor) and any non-academic letters are professional (e.g., relevant employer)


Degree Requirements

Certificate Requirements:

Course Code



Credit Hours

CYAF 951 (Fall semesters only)

Theoretical Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy (or equivalent)



CYAF 957 (Fall semesters only)

Theory and Practice of Medical Family Therapy

CYAF 951 or equivalent


CYAF 958 (Spring semesters only)

Families, Health & Illness

CYAF 951 or equivalent


CYAF 959 (Summer semesters only)

Applied Medical Family Therapy

CYAF 951 or equivalent


CYAF 997

Clinical Practicum (or equivalent)

CYAF 951 or equivalent





Total: 15