Sarah Rasby

Sarah Rasby, M.S.

Ph.D. student, Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA 

Home country: United States of America

What are your research interests?  

My research interests include exploring the experiences of informal family caregivers for individuals with acquired conditions, disease and injuries and how self-compassion and social structure awareness can empower caregivers to achieve connectedness and well-being.  

What excites you about research?

Hope and action. I am so inspired about the people and communities that I work with. Family caregivers I have found are incredibly resilient, compassionate and creative even though they face many challenges. They truly embrace their roles due to the love they have for their families and want the best for them. I get a lot of hope learning from caregivers, and they inspire me to act to ensure more families feel seen and uplifted. 

What is one recommendation/tip/suggestion that you have for future or new researchers?

Continuously seek to learn and prioritize self-reflection along the way. Every opportunity offers perspective. Stay open, stay present. I have also learned to follow your instincts along your research path, and to lean on people in your circles that support your learning journey! 

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