Trauma and Resilience Explored (T-REX)

Trauma is a worldwide public health problem. People hurt people no matter the country, no matter the culture, no matter the economic situation. Equally powerful is a force pushing back against the trauma. This force is the worldwide power for growth and healing, resilience. People in the most difficult circumstances keep moving forward against what seems to be impossible odds. The inspiration of resilience is all around us. We encounter it every day even though we might not even know.

We are a team of researchers dedicated to finding the wisdom of resilience found in any location. We believe that wisdom can be found in any setting that can inspire others and inform their journey of growth. Our aim is to partner with communities to help empower their resilience and help them inspire others with their knowledge.

T-REx is dedicated to finding methods of research that espouse the meaning of the Zulu greeting Sawubona. We see you, you are important to us and we value you. 

Participating in Research Focused on Trauma and Resilience

There are many ways to get involved in research focused on trauma and resilience. Visit the projects page to see what projects are currently underway. At the bottom of the page is the contact information for the lab lead, Dr. Cody Hollist. Alternatively, you can also visit the Meet the Team page to see who is currently involved as well as their focus and their contact information. 

Our collaborative team is comprised of doctoral students, professors, and research professionals driven by a common objective: the advancement of research that explores the profound impact of trauma on individuals and communities, while also elevating the ways these groups exhibit and cultivate resilience in the face of adversity.

We are dedicated to the in-depth examination of how traumatic experiences, whether personal or societal, leave enduring marks on psychological and social well-being. By understanding the multifaceted consequences of trauma, we aim to shed light on how it shapes behavior, relationships, and well-being in various contexts and cultural settings. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, participatory, and community-based research methods, we strive to provide valuable insights that contribute to the body of knowledge underpinning mental health interventions, community support initiatives, and the development of equitable policies across cultures.

It is important to our team that we acknowledge and elevate credit for the source of all that we learn, the people and communities growing through adversity. We strive to use and further develop methodologies that honor the people and communities who invite us into the painful parts of their lives. "Working with" is a guiding principle of our efforts.

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For more information about the Trauma and Resilience Explored Lab (T-REX) please contact:

Cody Hollist

Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall (CPEH)