Current Projects

Community Based Participatory Community Support

Project description: Caixoeirinha is a suburb of Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. It is a nationhood built in a location not zoned for inhabitants. As such, the community struggles to get support in education and medical care. This project is working with the community to develop effective ways to improve the experience of adolescence for those growing up in the community.  

PI Name & Contact Info: Bruna Seibel, Raysa Serafim  


RAPAD Recognition And Prevention of Anxiety and Depression 

Project description: Youth service workers like 4H, recreational programs, and athletic programs are often the first line of defense for youth experieencing anxiety and depression. This project is to develop a training program for those youth workers to help them create environments that prevent exacerbation of these struggle by helping them recognize and respond to youth presenting with depression and anxiety.  

PI Name & Contact info: Cody Hollist and Michelle Krehbiel 

Past Projects

Attachment and Native American Boarding Schools 

Project description: For 100 years many Native American tribes were required to enroll their children in boarding schools many times far from their tribal homes. Generation after generation spending time away from parents had an impact on attachment. This study is to explore some of the relational impacts of the boarding school policy.  

PI Name & Contact Info: Melissa D. Zephier Olson, Ph.D. 

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