The Department of Child, Youth and Studies has an active and vibrant Graduate Student Association. The goal of this association is to enrich graduate students’ academic and social experience, and to represent, support and promote graduate student interests in the department. This Graduate Student Association is made up of student volunteers and an elected graduate students committee who provides leadership, programming as well as a strong sense of community. They work closely with the faculty and staff to achieve its goals.

There are three Graduate Advisors, led by Dr. Paul Springer, Dr. Natalie Williams, and Dr. Dipti Dev. The Graduate Student Association Leadership is led by:

  • President: Katelyn Hepworth
  • Vice-President: Victoria Johnson
  • Secretary: Yao Yao
  • Treasurer: Saima Hasnin
  • ASUN GSA Rep: Kaitlin Roselius


March 2016
January 2016
August 2015
September 2015

If you are interested in participating in GSA, please contact Dr. Springer at

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Dr. Paul Springer

Paul Springer Associate Dean for Student Success and Professor


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