Zhenqiao Yang

Joined 2020


Dr. Jeong-Kyun Choi, advisor

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M.S., Early Childhood Education and Development, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Zhenqiao Yang’s research interest is in Chinese parents’ parenting identities as linked to young children’s development. She has a special interest in fathering, including fathers’ identity development and parenting practices towards young children.

Zhenqiao primarily uses quantitative research skills in her study. She also uses qualitative skills such as narrative inquiry to explore parents’ perceptions. Zhenqiao is currently working as a graduate assistant for Nebraska Sustainable Community Project–Youth Civic Engagement and National 4-H Council Health Rocks! Her prior working experience includes full-time instructor and teacher in a Chinese college, American middle school Chinese language teacher in the U.S., and a part-time classroom teacher in a U.S. daycare center.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“UNL-CYAF is a good fit for me because I love the rich research opportunities provided by the department, including close connection between the global family health specialization and early childhood specialization.”

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Yang, Z. Q. & Williams, N., (under review). Parenting Self-Efficacy Mediates the Association between Chinese Parents’ Depression Symptoms and their Young Children’s Social and Emotional Competence. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

  2. Yang, Z. Q., Williams, N., & Hong, S. Y. (2019, November). Parenting Self-Efficacy Mediates the Relation Between Chinese Parents’ Depression and Children’s Social-Emotional Competence. Poster presentation at the 2019 National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference