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Learning Packets:

We are a consortium of researchers, teacher educators, and teachers who believe in the value of multilingual education and strive for equity. Therefore, during this time of crisis and difficulty, we are eager to put our expertise and passions to use to try to be of assistance. We initially designed 21 immediate-response packets for K-5, as soon as the pandemic forced schools to shut down. We then applied for and received a grant that has allowed us to create more than 100 full activity packets, ranging from Levels 1-3 of English proficiency, and grades K-12.

The breakdown of packets is as follows:

English Level 1 – Entry into English

English Level 1-2 – Entry into English/Building Background (These packets were the first wave of packets we created and they are appropriate for students between Levels 1 and 2 of English proficiency)

English Level 2 – Building Background

English Level 3 – Interdisciplinary Inquiry

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LEVEL 1 of English Proficiency
LEVEL 1-2 of English Proficiency
LEVEL 2 of English Proficiency

LEVEL 3 of English Proficiency

If you would like to request professional development or curriculum materials tailored specifically to your school or district needs, we encourage you to contact our Collaborative Learning Circles initiative to learn how to partner with us.