Current Professional Learning Opportunities for Educators

We are offering interested educators access to the full ICMEE eWorkshop catalog to engage in professional learning that includes opportunities to interact with other learners as well as established experts in the field, like Dr. Kara Mitchell Viesca, the leader of the ICMEE initiative and Professor of Teaching, Learning and Teacher education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Content that educators can engage with is targeted to all teachers working across K-12 with multilingual students, but also specifically to math, science, social studies, and English language arts/literacy teachers as well as teachers of deaf students/ASL speakers, school leaders, and school psychologists.

Current learning opportunities can be flexibly constructed to fit specfic learning interests by combining asynchronous, self-guided learning opportunities for individuals and/or teams with a regular opportunity to meet with Dr. Viesca (or another expert in the field) and other participants periodically as desired. Each ICMEE eWorkshop is structured around six units and follows the same cycle, flexibly offering asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities via a ~1.5 hour zoom session online with Dr. Viesca (or another expert in the field). Participants may choose their learning approach and will have the PD hours documented according to what they complete, thus providing the opportunity for participants to earn between 3 and 27 PD hours over a 12-week period (~2 weeks per unit) for the completion of one eWorkshop. The timeline for each professional learning plan will be constructed with each group as desired.

Our eWorkshops have been designed by leading scholars in the field and contain high quality content and ideas grounded in research and practice. The asynchronous learning opportunities afforded by our eWorkshops are high quality and have led to statistically significant growth for the overwhelming majority of the thousands of eWorkshop participants to date as well as reports of improved practice. In fact, over 90% of our eWorshop completers consistently have rated our eWorkshops as effective in helping them improve their practice working with multilingual learners. To read about the structure of our eWorkshops and the three-part learning cycle they all employ, please go here.

Pricing varies depending on the specfic wishes of the group. However, an eWorkshop can be set up for asynchronous use for up to five learners for as little as $150. Each additional eWorkshop (and groups of up to 5 learners) costs an additional $150. Documentation of professional learning hours costs an additional $50 per participant. The time collaborating with Dr. Viesca or another expert in the field will be collaboratively determined, but typically starts at $150 an hour. Please contact Dr. Kara Viesca at to set up a consultation and design the learning opportunity that best meets your interests, needs, and budget.

Questions? Ideas? Concerns? Please contact Kara Viesca at