The eWorkshops available for School Psychologists explore various educational concepts while also learning about language. We also recommend that School Psychologists utilize the eWorkshops available for All Teachers here.

  • Understanding Bilingual Learners in U.S. Schools

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Understanding Bilingual Learners in U.S. Schools

Essential Question: How can school psychologists contribute to improving educational and mental health contexts of bilingual learners through engaging in legally and ethically sound practices?

Guiding Questions:

  • Unit 1: Who are bilingual learners nationwide and in your own contexts?
  • Unit 2: How are services provided to bilingual learners that aid in English and native language development?
  • Unit 3: What are the legal and ethical considerations for school psychologists working with bilingual learners?
  • Unit 4: How do biases, stereotypes, and our own experiences influence our practice as school psychologists?
  • Unit 5: What is disproportionality and how may it impact special education services and disciplinary practices?
  • Unit 6: Answer the Essential Question