I Want To Help

Helping others can strengthen us. We may feel a sense of connection as we help neighbors, friends or family. Being of service to others can even help us feel more in control of the situation. No matter our personal reasons helping, in times like these many people feel a desire to help those around them. While we normally go and do things for them, in this time we have to be creative. We hope you have been inspired by the news or social media reports of creative ways people are supporting members of their community.

As Nebraskans, we take care of each other in the community. This page is to give you ideas for things you can do to help.

A Specific Person

Check in with friends

Call or message a friend each day with the purpose of encouraging them to stay strong and empathizing with the struggle of quarantine. Talk about humorous things that have happened during quarantine. You know them, think about what boosts their spirits and talk about it.

Someone Struggling

If you know that someone is struggling reach out to them often to make sure they are okay. A simple phone call can make all the difference.

They Need More Help Than I Can Give

Does your friend or family member need more help than you can give? If you think they need more help you can call and talk through the situation with one of our therapists and brainstorm with them how to help your friend/family. These are not intended to be crisis calls but a time to make a plan for how to improve the situation. Set up an appointment here!

I Want To Help But Don’t Know Who

Groups That Need Help Right Now

Two groups that are at the highest risk during this pandemic are those with significant health problems and those over 60. For these groups even going grocery shopping can be risky. Identify a group that you would like to help and figure out what you can do. Here are some suggestions.

Community Groups

Contact a group that supports your community. This could be a church, non-profits like Kiwanis or Rotary, county extension, city or county government. Reach out and ask if there is anything you can do to help the group of individuals you want to support.

Phone, Zoom and Social Media Support

We have set up times for people to meet via phone and Zoom. We have also set up a Facebook Group to allow people to support one another. Your participation in these events can be a big strength to others. Join the conversation to give encouragement. More info available here!

Retirement Communities

Contact the retirement center directly and ask if there are things you can do to help them or the people they are caring for. Sometimes it is just a matter of being willing to call and talk to someone for a while.