“I don’t know who my kids’ teacher will be next year, but I really hope it’s not me.”

Managing all our roles in the same location and at the same time is a juggling act most of us were not trained for. Preparing this section of the site, we’ll try to do the work of sifting through the vast amounts of information to find credible and valuable resources and activities for you and your family.


The resources listed below have new information or just good references to information and we’ll keep these links available.

Play with Children

Access the A Beautiful Day project here!

Support Resources

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Resources is the location to start with for help regarding support programs around the state. Their contact number is (402) 471-3121.

Professional Support

We are offering free 30-minute consultation visits with a therapist to provide some immediate support, guidance and a plan for how to move forward.

These visits are not intended to be in-depth therapy nor crisis counseling. If you are in crisis please call the 24-hr Boys Town Crisis Line 800-448-3000. . If you need someone to help you develop some first steps in getting back on sure footing, we are here to help.

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