I Need Help

From the time we are born, we need others. Some people need many people around them to feel supported, and while others may feel comforted in a smaller circle. Wherever you find yourself on this scale, it remains true that we often need the connection to others to feel 'okay.' Quarantine may be messing with that.

Working from home may sound like a beautiful thing when your boss is talking about it, but it feels much less enjoyable when your kid is hanging on you while you're trying to implement the boss's plan. Having time to yourself may be something you enjoy, but by quarantine day 15, the fun of being by yourself disappears. On the flip side, if you are quarantining with others, 'alone time' might sound like a little slice of heaven.

No matter your situation, quarantine has likely changed your day-to-day routines and the methods you'd typically use to cope with life's ups and downs. When most of what we hear around us is negative during such a strange time, we need support from others more than ever

Social Support

Sometimes all we need is to know we’re not alone and to hear encouraging words from someone else. We have created several methods of getting people together to help support each other.

We expect people to be encouraging and not tear one another down. Please be respectfuland avoid debates, so we can create an atmosphere where people feel they are wanted.

Message and Text Support

Nebraskan's Coming Together for Wellness Facebook Community

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Chatroom for Socializing

Phone Support

Call 312-626-6799 then after the prompt type: 935 7471 7046

Phone calls will take place every:
- Tuesday from 7-8 p.m.
- Saturday from 10 - 11 a.m.

Video Chat via Zoom

Talk face-to-face with others. Zoom link: https://unl.zoom.us/j/99557314066

To connect audio by phone call 312-626-6799 then after the prompt type: 995 5731 4066

Conversation times:
- Thursday 8 to 9 p.m.

*Individuals and content that contribute to hostility will be removed and/or not allowed to participate.*

Professional Support

All of us are in a very stressful time, and many people feel that they are not coping well and may not know how to navigate their current situation. We offer free 30-minute consultation visits with a therapist to get some immediate support, guidance, and a plan for how to move forward. These visits will help you process what you are going through and give you resources to help you move forward.

These visits are not in-depth therapy nor crisis counseling. If you are in crisis, please call the 24-hr Boys Town Crisis Line 800-448-3000. If you would like help beyond this 30-minute conversation, our therapists will help you find a provider to best suit your current need.

We want to be able to help you and your family. Contact us if you need someone to help you develop some first steps in getting back on sure footing. Click below to sign up for a time to talk with one of our therapists.

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