Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Family and Consumer Sciences EducationMaster of Science (M.S.)

A Top 15 online education program based on U.S. News and World Report.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln participates in the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) in providing a master's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCS Ed). (Note: Teacher licensure/certification requirements vary by state, so the first step toward certification is to contact the FCS teacher training institution in the state where you want to teach.)

There is a nationwide shortage of Family and Consumer Sciences teachers. This master's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education will provide professional education courses (pedagogy) combined with content course and Nebraska Department of Education requirements will enable a student to meet the requirements for teacher certification. The program is a 38-41 credit hour post-baccalaureate program of study which will lead to a master's degree. 

Students in this program will:

  • Will plan curriculum for teaching
  • Create a physical and psychological environment for learning
  • Engage students in the learning process
  • Examine the relationship of diverse groups and the education process
  • Analyze the historical and philosophical underpinnings of FCS
  • Assume professional responsibilities
  • Apply research to practice


  • Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher (7-12)
  • Extension Educator
  • 4-H Assistant
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Service Unit Educator
  • Human Resources Professional

Application to this program

Required materials:

1. Graduate Studies Application
2. Unofficial Transcripts
3. Resume
4. Statement of Professional Goals
In your Statement of Professional Goals, address the following: 
-What personal and/or professional experiences have led you to want to pursue a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education?
-What are your professional goals and how will this degree help you achieve those? 
-This is an on-line program.  Please describe your academic strengths and weaknesses related to successfully managing on-line coursework.  If you do not have prior academic experience in on-line courses, please indicate so.  
5. Three Letters of Reference
Ensure that at least one reference letter is academic (e.g., instructor, advisor) and any non-academic letters are professional (e.g., relevant employer)
6. To be eligible to apply to the FCS Education Option A master's program, students must have taken the Praxis CORE. These scores are not used as admission criteria. Later, after admission, students who have not passed the full Praxis Core will need to follow steps as defined by the College of Education and Human Sciences.
Other Application Materials


Degree Requirements

The program consists of the following:

9 - 3 credit online courses
2 - Practica with variable credit (2-6 credits) depending on certification requirements (can be completed near the student's location)
1 - Student teaching experience with variable credit (6-9 credits) depending on certification requirements (can be completed near the student's location)
1 - Project or thesis with variable credit
The focus of the courses and credits are listed below. The actual course title may vary from institution to institution.

Option A: Master's degree in FCS Education for those seeking initial teacher certification

  • Option A is a 38- to 41-credit-hour program of study for students with a bachelor's degree in a FCS Education content specialization or a related area who seek initial teacher certification or licensure in Family and Consumer Sciences Occupational.
  • This includes 2-6 credit hours of practicum and 6-9 credit hours of student teaching (depending on certification requirements).
  • Standards for teacher certification vary by state.
  • Students are responsible for identifying and meeting requirements in the state where they want to be certified. This may include additional coursework, tests, or other requirements. PPST/CORE or Praxis I scores must be submitted prior to admittance into the program.

Option B: Master's degree in FCS Education for certified FCS teachers and professionals

  • Option B is a 36-credit-hour program of study for professionals in FCS Education including certified teachers who seek professional development and career advancement.
  • This program provides continuing education to maintain and sustain high quality FCS programs in middle and secondary school and other settings.

Courses Offered:

Faculty advising students in this program area include: