Developmental & Learning Sciences

Welcome to the Developmental & Learning Sciences specialization in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

Students in DLS attain proficiency in three areas: 1) Social and Emotional Development, 2) Cognition, Learning, and Instruction, and 3) Educational Neuroscience. Our faculty and students conduct innovative and collaborative research and benefit from many local and university partnerships, including those with school districts, the Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior, the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools, and the Bullying Research Network.

Developmental & Learning Sciences is flexible and interdisciplinary in that students are able to customize their academic focus and research experiences to fit their educational and career goals. Most graduate students are funded through teaching or research assistantships and later secure positions in university settings, at research and consulting groups, or at state and federal government agencies.

We offer masters and doctoral degrees to students interested in a wide range of issues, with emphasis in the three strands shown below.

DLS Courses Support Diversity and Inclusion

DLS is proud to support diversity and inclusion work in the Department of Educational Psychology. Many of our courses include important content that helps us understand the role of race, culture and diversity in learning and in cognitive and social development. We cover a broad range of topics that explore ethnic identity development, empathy/compassion, bias and stereotype formation and effects, the negative impacts of racism and stereotype threat, as well as many other related issues and concepts. The link below presents a more detailed table of the DLS courses that cover topics related to diversity and inclusion that will help you plan your program of courses.

Degrees Offered

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Developmental & Learning Sciences applications are considered three times a year:

  • January 15th (for starting the following Fall)
  • October 1st (for starting the following Spring)

Fellowships and assistantships are only awarded for incoming Fall students. 

DLS Director

Dr. Mary Zeleny
Educational Psychology
220 TEAC 

Developmental & Learning Sciences Faculty


Mary Zeleny Assistant Professor of Practice, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Dr. Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark Associate Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Edward Daly Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Kenneth Kiewra Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences