EDPS Faculty and Staff

Dena M. Abbott Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Wayne Babchuk Professor of Practice, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods

James Bovaird Associate Professor, Program Director, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods

Eric Buhs Professor, Program Director, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Janet F. Carlson Research Professor and Associate Director

Mun Yuk Chin Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark Assistant Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Edward Daly Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Ralph De Ayala

R.J. De Ayala Professor, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods, Program Director, Institutional Research

Beth Doll Professor, School Psychology Program, Director, of Clinical Training, Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology (NICPP)

Katie Edwards Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology

Matthew Fritz Associate Professor of Practice, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods

Kurt Geisinger Director of Buros Center for Testing and W.C. Meierhenry Distinguished Professor, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods

Matthew Gormley Assistant Professor, School Psychology

Heather Hruskoci Director of the Counseling and School Psychology Clinic, and Assistant Professor of Practice

Jessica Jonson Research Associate Professor

Neeta Kantamneni Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology Program, Program Director and Director of Clinic Training, Counseling Psychology

Kenneth Kiewra Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Scott Napolitano Associate Professor of Practice, School Psychology Program, Program Director and Director of Clinical Training, School Psychology

Maria Elena Oliveri Research Associate Professor, Buros Center for Testing

Michael Scheel Professor, Counseling Psychology

Hideo Suzuki Assistant Professor, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Susan Swearer Chair, Department of Educational Psychology, Willa Cather Professor of Educational Psychology, Professor and Licensed Psychologist, School Psychology Program

Mary Zeleny Assistant Professor of Practice, Developmental & Learning Sciences

Nancy Anderson Managing Editor

Kyle Burke Office Associate

Theresa Glanz Contracts and Finance Associate, Buros Center for Testing

Zoe McManaman Office Assistant

Joel Puchalla Assistant Editor

Edith Reza-Martinez Graduate Student Coordinator

Jennifer Schlueter Assistant Editor


Kellan Willet NICPP/Clinic Program Coordinator

Emeritus Faculty

Charles Ansorge
Bob Brown
James Impara
Roger Bruning
John Creswell
James Impara
Dave Moshman
Ian Newman
Barbara Plake
Toni Santmire
Vernon Williams

In Memoriam

Juan Franco
Christy Horn
Roxana Moreno

Adjunct Faculty

Kathleen Johnson
Michelle Howell Smith