Educational Neuroscience Certificate

Neuroscience and neuroscience research in education-related areas is one of the fastest growing research areas in the U.S. and internationally. This rapidly emerging field incorporates the study of neurodevelopment in typically and atypically developing populations. It also brings together researchers in basic neuroscience (e.g., cognitive, developmental, social and affective), applied neuroscience in education (speech/language/literacy development) and child/adolescent developmental psychology.

This certificate covers a range of skills important to most educational contexts: neuroanatomy, physiology and brain function and acquisition and analyses of neuroimaging and other data acquisition procedures. There is a specific focus on emotional and cognitive development and on the neural foundations of speech/language development and literacy.

Speech and language development, for example, is an excellent example of the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the program because language development delays frequently serve as indicators of later cognitive performance, socio-emotional interactions, academic functioning and potential problems. Learning the neurobiological aspects of language development also teaches application of basic neuroscientific findings to a broad range of applied educational contexts.

Student Benefits and Skills 

  •  The coursework creates a foundation of basic neuroscience principals, neuroanatomy, and neuroscience data acquisition and analytic techniques
  •  Students will apply relevant neuroscience principals to educational contexts: Affective processing and management (including psychopathology), cognitive development, speech/language development, and language and literacy applications
  •  This certificate program also develops the ability to apply and interpret underlying neuroscience to the challenges that learners present in educational contexts

For more information please check out the Graduate Studies Educational Neuroscience page.

Application to this program

If you are interested in applying for admittance into the certificate program the link below is the site for our Graduate Studies office where the process is described to make the enrollment process as easy as possible. We offer two deadlines: March 1st and October 1st. All students, new and current, must complete a Graduate Studies application in order to apply for this certificate.