The Nebraska Evaluation and Research (NEAR) Center's purpose is to promote sound statistical, measurement, and research (e.g., Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods) methodology.

In addition the Center serves as a hands-on training program for graduate students in the Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods (QQPM) program.

The NEAR Center provides consulting services to:

  • University faculty and graduate students
  • Business and industry, government organizations, groups and individuals when considered appropriate for education and/or training of students.

Consulting projects are completed by graduate students under the supervision of the Director of the Center and supervising faculty members affiliated with the QQPM program.


The NEAR Center provides guidance for quantitative projects regarding:

  • Setting up data files
  • Instrument development
  • Sampling procedures
  • Sample size
  • Choice of analysis procedures

The NEAR Center also provides guidance for qualitative and mixed methods projects regarding:

  • Selection of the qualitative or mixed methods design that best fits your research questions
  • Development of sampling plans and data collection protocols
  • Introduction to qualitative data analysis software (i.e., MAXQDA)
  • Preparation of data files for analysis by hand or with software
  • Development of data analysis and integration procedures

The NEAR Center performs the following functions for quantitative datasets:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Generate relevant output
  • Interpretation of the analysis

Services NOT provided:

  • Statistics, measurement, or qualitative research instruction
  • Proofreading manuscripts
  • Data entry or transcriptions of qualitative data (we can recommend people who do this type of work)
  • Research question formulation
  • Assistance with coursework is NOT provided.


  • College of Education and Human Sciences students and faculty - NO CHARGE
  • Students and Faculty within the University of Nebraska system: 1st hour free or any part thereof, $20 for each additional hour
  • Clients not affiliated with the University of Nebraska system: 1st hour free, $40 for each additional hour

Staff and Contact Info

Research Coordinator: 
Jay Jeffries

Amelia Miramonti
Kelley Wick
Jack Riley
Elia Harper
Whitney Thomas

209 Teachers College Hall




How do I make an appointment? 

Book an appointment with NEAR Center using SetMore

The NEAR Center will not be open for consultations during the following times: 

  • The last week of semester (i.e. finals weeks)
  • Student Breaks

Clients are limited to 1 consultant hour per week.

  • This includes uploading data, running and debugging computer programs, phone consultations, etc.

  • Commuting clients may be provided more than 1 hour per week at the consultant’s discretion

No limits are placed on the number of research projects per client

What should you do prior to your appointment?

  • Email your consultant ahead of time to establish communication

  • Complete the intake form before your first meeting. The link to the intake form is found in the Bookings site (under the Book Appointment button) or can be found here