Mixed Methods ResearchCertificate

For researchers and students interested in mixed methods we offer a 15 credit hour Mixed Methods Research Graduate Certificate. This certificate program will provide enrollees with the skills and research credentials necessary for their careers.

The 15-credit hour graduate certificate program may be completed by enrolling in five prescribed 3-credit hour courses. Some classes may be offered online. Many of the courses that comprise the certificate program are offered online during a 12-month period. The program is designed for individuals who are in need of updating their research skills, individuals who have taken on responsibilities at their workplace where skills in this area are needed, or individuals interested in adding a credential to their professional vita to assist them in a future job-seeking. The courses included in this program are among the same courses as those completed by students pursuing a master’s degree in Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods and therefore would count toward a master’s degree if this were of interest. Core courses include the following: statistics, qualitative approaches to educational research, advanced qualitative research, introduction to educational and psychological measurement, and mixed methods research.

For more information please check out the Graduate Studies Mixed Methods Research Certificate page.

Application to this program

If you are interested in applying for admittance into the certificate program the link below is the site for our Graduate Studies office where the process is described to make the enrollment process as easy as possible. We offer two deadlines: January 15th for fall and October 1st for spring. All students, new and current, must complete a Graduate Studies application in order to apply for this certificate.