Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Department of Educational Psychology

Last Update: Fall 2023

Q: What are the UNL Doctoral paperwork deadlines and graduate policies?

A: Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website to find information pertaining to deadlines


Q: How do I gather signatures for my graduate paperwork?

A: All graduate-level paperwork and appropriate signatures are the responsibility of each student. The easiest way to obtain the necessary signatures on your documents is through DocuSign. Students, Staff, and Faculty can request a no-cost Sending License HERE.


Q: What is the average cost per year to attend graduate school in the Department of Educational Psychology?

A: This depends on if a student is from Nebraska or an out-of-state student. The fees also change annually, and some classes have specific fees to cover materials and test kits. So, the answer to this question is depentent on many variables. We recommend checking out the UNL tuition page, available HERE.


Q: How do I get in touch with a faculty member in the Department of Educational Psychology?

A: Faculty in our department do not have individual telephone numbers. If you would like to get in touch with one of our faculty members or instructors, please send them an email.


Q: Is there a way to waive my application fee?

A: No, the Department of Educational Psychology does not offer application fee waivers. 


Q: Is there a prompt for the personal statement portion of the application? Are there any word or page limits to the statement?

A: Personal Statements do not have a prompt, nor a page limit. These statements are an opportunity to not only express your interest in the department, but tell us the why behind your passions and goals. It also is a chance to mention faculty members you would potentially like to work with whose research aligns with your interests.


 Q: What assistantships are available? How many hours are required? What responsibilities are involved, and is there tuition credit included?

A: This varies year to year. Some years we have more assistantship offerings and some years we have fewer. We have assistantships ranging from 13-19.6 hours per week of work (0.33-0.49 FTE). The responsibilities vary across research, teaching, and support work. We recommend that prospective students check our EDPS webpage for assistantships that are offered.


 Q: Are fellowships available?

A: Information regarding fellowships offered by UNL's Office of Graduate Studies can be found HERE. The most prestigious graduate fellowships are the Othmer and Chancellor Fellowships. Additionally, each program area in the department has some individual program and travel fellowships that are available and determined on a year-to-year basis, depending on the source and availability of funds. If you are admitted to one of our graduate programs, you will receive more information on potential fellowships.


 Q: What is your acceptance rate?

A: That depends on how many applications we receive per year. In August 2022, our incoming graduate student cohort was comprised of 29 Masters, Ed.S., and PhD students.


 Q: What application materials are required?

A: Each program has slightly different requirements. Please see this website for details.


Q: Do you require the GRE?

A: For the 2024-2025 admission cycle, we are not requiring the GRE.