Numeral Writing

STAR: A Number Writing Strategy (Boom, S.E., & Fine, E. )

Helps students in writing, reciting, and recalling numerals.


Math Computation

DRAW & FAST DRAW (Harris, C.A., Miller, S.P., & Mercer, C. D.)

This Math strategy, draw, is used for teaching students with special needs to solve multiplication facts that are not yet committed to memory.

Multiplication Attack Strategy (Cullinan, D., Lloyd, J., & Epstein, M.H.)

This Math strategy is designed to help to teach multiplication facts.

Self-Monitoring Strategies in Arithmetic (Frank, A.R., & Brown, D.)

This math strategy is designed to help students who have been able to learn basic single-digit arithmetic facts but have difficulty in remembering how to solve problems that involve several steps.

SLOBS & LAMPS (Reetz, L., & Rasmussen, T.)

These math strategies are designed to help students remember the regrouping process of borrowing and carrying. Slobs is used in subtraction and lamps is used in addition.

Subtraction Strategies (Bley, N.S., & Thornton, C.A.)

These math strategies focus on subtraction. They were developed to assist students who are experiencing difficulty remembering subtraction facts, particularly those facts with teen minuends.

Mathematical Rules

Rules to Lower the Amount of Memorization in Math (Miller, S.P., Strawser, S., & Mercer, C.D.)

This mathematics strategy is designed to help students with some general mathematical rules.