Chris Stone PH.D., Educational Leadership & Higher Education, 2018

Lieutenant Commander, Africa Exercise Planner, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa, U.S. Sixth Fleet

My progression and tenure throughout my time in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln doctoral program in the Department of Education Administration was both typical and atypical of my peers in the program. Every student within the program applies themselves and works though the challenges of family, careers, and life. Every student while on their own path proceeds in the same general direction with the ultimate destination of degree completion, thanks to the guidance, support, and mentorship of their dedicated advisors and the faculty and staff of the College of Education and Human Sciences.

While my path proceeded in the same general direction it took me through two moves across the country and one move to Europe, two ship tours and two deployments totaling more than year at sea, missed birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, and holidays, travels to 23 countries on four continents, a marriage and the birth of a baby girl, and yet my destination was the same thanks to the dedicated support of my advisor Dr. Marilyn Grady, the faculty and staff of the College of Education and Human Sciences, and the love and support of my family.

Chris Stone