Elvira Abrica

Elvira Abrica Assistant Professor

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Dr. Marco Barker - Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion

Marco Barker Vice Chancellor Diversity and Inclusion

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Renee Batman Assistant Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs

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Stephanie Bondi Associate Professor of Practice, Student Affairs Administration M.A. Coordinator

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Brent Cejda Professor

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Crystal E. Garcia Assistant Professor

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Marilyn  L. Grady portrait picture

Marilyn Grady Professor

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Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Higher Education ED.D. & PH.D. Coordinator

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Shavonna Holman Assistant Professor of Practice, P-12 School Leadership M.ED. Coordinator

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Taeyeon Kim Assistant Professor

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Elizabeth  Niehaus portrait picture

Elizabeth Niehaus Associate Professor & Graduate Faculty Chair

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William Nunez photo

William J. Nunez Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance and Professor of Practice

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Nicholas J. Pace Professor & Department Chair

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Corey Rumann Assistant Professor of Practice

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Scott Sturgeon Associate Professor of Practice

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Katherine Wesley Associate Professor of Practice, Higher Education Administration M.A. / Community College Leadership Certificate Coordinator, Executive Director National Council of Instructional Administrators

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Jiangang Xia Associate Professor

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Kristin Yates Assistant Vice President & Director of Institutional Research and Planning, University of Nebraska System

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Sarah Zuckerman

Sarah Zuckerman Assistant Professor, ED. D. Coordinator

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Dr. Dijon DeLaPorte - first gen

Dijon DeLaPorte Recruitment and Outreach Specialist

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Cindy DeRyke portrait picture

Cindy DeRyke Graduate Secretary

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Diane Gronewold portrait picture

Diane Pope Secretary

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Bill Coby, Jr.

Bill Coby, Jr. Graduate Assistant

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Fabianne Gondim

Fabianne Gondim Graduate Assistant

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Trish Manga

Patricia Manga Graduate Assistant

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Bethany Meyers

Bethany Meyers Graduate Assistant

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Colette Tobias (EDAD GA-2021)

Colette Tobias Graduate Assistant

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maria villasante

Maria Elena Villasante Graduate Assistant

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Lauren Lewis

Lauren Lewis Student Communications Assistant

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