The Association

The official graduate association for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Educational Administration connects our EDAD students to faculty, staff, and students within the department as well as to other campus resources critical to their success. We serve over 500 online and campus-based master and doctoral students.

Finding Information

  • Check out the Student Success Center on your Canvas page
  • Program of Study
  • Comprehensive Exams

EDAD Resources

  • Brown Bag Discussions. We host these every few months for a chance to talk about certain issues in education.
  • Our Critical Issues Forum is an opportunity to meet and discuss with professionals and scholars near and far.

Some Advice & Tips

  • Do not be afraid to ask your advisor to set up meetings when you have questions or want guidance or feedback
  • Each professor has their own style of teaching figure out which style meshes best for you.
  • Articulate goals to professor
  • Keep a running list of all your supervisors’ names, contact information, license numbers and addresses
  • Keep running lists of documents and PDFs you have used/cited.
  • Strategic about class types, one methodology per semester
  • Writing assignments try and make them align towards one topic
  • Schedule time for self-care activities. Do not underestimate the importance of self-care.

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