Impact and Inspiration Awards

In 2019 the Department of Educational Administration (EDAD) started two awards to recognize the work of our alumni and current students.

The Impact Award is presented annually to recognize the impact a distinguished EDAD alum has had in their field, discipline, community, or organization. Such impact may take the form of new programs developed and established, improved processes, published/presented research, etc. Activities of positive impact are those that further the EDAD mission of preparing future scholars and leaders of educational institutions. This award highlights the impact of those EDAD alums who take risks, push boundaries, and advocate to make their organizations, disciplines, and the world a better place for all. This award requires that the recipient has graduated or completed a UNL EDAD program and that the recipient has served for at least three years in their role.

The Inspiration Award is presented annually to recognize an EDAD student for their academic contributions, intellectual curiosity, and scholarly achievements that inspire students, staff, and faculty. Examples of such contributions and achievements may include outstanding and significant contributions to online or face-to-face course discussions, facilitation of dialogue among members of the EDAD community, and/or frequent, meaningful engagement in courses that enriches the learning and opportunity of others. This award requires that the recipient be an enrolled student in an EDAD program (online/distance or on-campus) and the recipient must have completed one academic year of study.

Below are details about previous award recipients.

EDAD Collages (newer images - 11.16.21)

Jackie Ostrowicki


Jackie Ostrowicki, Ph.D. 2023 Impact Award Recipient

Anh Le


Anh Le, Ph.D.2023 Inspiration Award Recipient

Naomi Mardock-Uman


Naomi Mardock-Uman, Ph.D. 2023 Impact Award Recipient

Jordan Gonzales


Jordan Gonzales2023 Inspiration Award Recipient

Colette Tobias


Colette Tobias2023 Inspiration Award Recipient

Maria Vazquez


Maria Vazquez, Ph.D. 2021 Impact Award Recipient

Darwin Archie


Darwin Archie-Pettis          2021 Inspiration Award Recipient


Amy Morrison, Ph.D. 2020 Impact Award Recipient


Moises Padilla, Ph.D. 2020 Inspiration Award Recipient


Jean M. Haar, Ph.D. 2019 Impact Award Recipient


Kaleb Briscoe, Ph.D. 2019 Inspiration Award Recipient