EDAD Graduate Student Handbook (Summer 2022 - Spring 2027)

Welcome to the Department of Educational Administration!

We are honored that you have selected our department as the pathway for your academic journey. Founded in 1913, the Department of Educational Administration (EDAD) is a community of leaders and scholars intent on making broad and deep impacts in P-20 educational organizations. Our mission is to help leaders across P-12 and postsecondary education understand education from a systems perspective; challenge the ways educational organizations reproduce structural inequalities; integrate research, policy, theory, and meaningful practice to serve the needs of diverse communities; and enhance equity, inclusion, and effectiveness in education through sustainable improvement.

Our award-winning faculty members have decades of combined teaching, research, service, and outreach excellence related to the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in education. Our passionate, dedicated students come to us from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, locations, and traditions, seeking a rigorous, inclusive, and student-centered learning environment.

This handbook provides vital information on Department, College, and University policies, procedures, and resources for success on your academic journey. Reading and adhering to it thoroughly will help ensure success in your chosen academic program. As a graduate student admitted into this learning community, it is your responsibility to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook and to maintain effective two-way communication with instructors, advisors, and the Department.

We welcome your presence, look forward to your contributions to our community of leaders and scholars, and wish you success.

Click here to review the 2017-2022 Graduate Student Handbook.